ECMA Statements

May 2024
ECMA & Pro Carton - Packaging Recyclability Certifications Statement

April 2024
ECMA Statement on Testing Conditions

September 2023
ECMA Statement on Barriers
Annex to ECMA Statement on Barriers

July 2023
ECMA / Pro Carton Position Paper: The need for clear definitions for paper & board based single use products

June 2023
ECMA Statement on Direct Food Contact Inks (updated version June 2023

March 2022
Position Paper: Mineral Oil Hydrocarbons in Food

October 2021
ECMA Statement - State of the Market

September 2020
ECMA Statement on the German Mineral Oil Regulation

March 2020

January 2020
ECMA Statement on PFAS

April 2019
ECMA Statement on the Recyclability of Folding Cartons 

February 2017
ECMA Statement Regarding the Announced Harmonised Measure on Printed Food Contact Materials

April 2016
ECMA Statement on Food Safety

November 2015
ECMA Statement on the Foodwatch Research Publication