ECMA Sales Toolkit

The ECMA Sales Toolkit is designed to provide information and sales  tools to our members and was officially presented at the ECMA Business Seminar on 13 November 2014 in Brussels. It is an online toolkit with:

  • European Carton Prospects
  • ECMA Code of Folding Carton Design Styles (PDF only in 6 languages)
  • ECMA Folding Carton Dictionay (PDF only in 6 languages)
  • Paper Packaging brochure - The Natural Choice
  • ECMA Terms and Conditions of Sale (in 6 languages)

Members only
Only Direct Members of ECMA have access to the full ECMA Sales Toolkit, which can be visited at the Member Only section of our website. Members can log in with their personal login details. 
No login details but your company is a Direct Member of ECMA? Please contact the ECMA Secretariat to receive your personal login details.

More information on how to join ECMA can be found here.