19 March 2021

Essentra Packaging is celebrating the Packaging Sustainability Week starting today!

From Thursday the 18th (Global Recycling Day) and until the 25th of March, we will be launching contents and tips on subjects such as: Ecodesign, CO2 Footprint, Recyclability, Zero waste to Landfill and Sustainable forest management. We aim to share our experience and knowledge to help companies perform better in sustainability, taking into account every aspect of it.

Articles will be posted in our blog https://www.essentra.com/en/news/articles and shared in our Linkedin page.

The 25th of March we will be launching Re*Flect, our fully recyclable plastic-free metallic laminated cartons, a more sustainable alternative to current Metpol lamination. Essentra Re*flect has been successfully tested in our sites and our technical lab in scratch resistance, ink anchoring and fibre tear, both at room temperature and though an accelerated ageing test.

 Essentra Packaging’s commitment in sustainability is to offer coherent, honest, industrially viable, sustainable solutions in Packaging. And that is why it is very important for us to share all the information we have on packaging sustainability, so that companies can reflect on it and decide how they would like to start reducing their environmental impact.

We have created an agile and strong structure within the company, where local teams work close to the customer in understanding their needs and -with the support of the Innovation& Sustainability team- advise them in projects that concern ecodesigning, weight reductions and in finding alternatives for their single use plastic packaging.

Recently, Essentra Packaging has appointed Tiffany Overstreet as the Innovation and Sustainability Director, formerly Innovation Director, pushing sustainability as one of the principal subjects for the company. It is also a move in line with Essentra group foundations and the goal of becoming a “class-leading sustainability” organisation. 

Source: Press Release Essentra Packaging

Published: 19 March 2021