High-quality recycling loops are best for circular economy
Fibre-based packaging offers what is probably the best existing example of a high-quality recycling system, where recycling can take place from any type of packaging to another. Professional recyclers say the real challenge is not in these ‘material loops’ but in the separate collection of paper for recycling, which has yet to be streamlined across Europe.
German packaging specialist Carton Group acquires Europoligrafico and starts Expansion in Europe
Carton Group, a leading group in the packaging industry and portfolio company of the private equity firm Waterland, has signed an agreement to acquire the operating business of Europoligrafico.
ECMA / Pro Carton Position Paper: The need for clear definitions for paper & board based single use products
ECMA and Pro Carton released the Position Paper titled: The need for clear definitions for paper & board based single-use products.
RDM Group has finalized the agreement for the acquisition of Fiskeby
RDM Group has finalized the agreement for the acquisition of 100% of share capital of Fiskeby International Holding AB (“Fiskeby”), a producer of packaging board made from 100% recovered fiber, with one manufacturing facility in Sweden
Fibre Packaging Europe - opinion-editorial in 'The Parliament' Magazine
An opinion-editorial from Fibre Packaging Europe was publishedi n 'The Parliament’ magazine yesterday.
ECMA Statement on Direct Food Contact Inks
ECMA and its members regularly receive questions about the conformity of printing inks on packaging which comes into direct contact with food and about the use of appropriate inks for such specific applications. Some legislation and the terminology used, can lead to confusion.
ECMA and Pro Carton announcement - Public Affairs support
ECMA and Pro Carton are delighted to announce that Maria Georgiadou will start to support our Public Affairs efforts in Brussels commencing 1st June 2023.
ECMA presents folding carton criteria to Tesco
In late 2022, ECMA Managing Director, Mike Turner was approached by Tesco asking if ECMA could develop criteria they could use for assessing folding carton packaging functionality.