ECMA & Pro Carton - Packaging Recyclability Certifications Statement
Fibre-based packaging champions recyclability with recycling rates above other packaging materials. The recyclability of packaging depends in practice on its actual ability to be collected, sorted and reprocessed into secondary materials within a market. On that respect, there are diBerent rules and technical criteria that can be applied when assessing the recyclability of a packaging.
ECMA Statement on Testing Conditions
This statement reviews ways to test the migration of cartons stored for a long term (> 6 months) at room temperature. Recently, this topic, has been discussed at length within the ECMA Food Safety Committee and with the various experts from European associations representing the materials used by carton makers.
Cardbox Packaging Announces €6.5 Million Investment in Czech Republic
Cardbox Packaging is proud to announce a significant investment of €6.5 million in its new subsidiary in the Czech Republic. This strategic investment underlines Cardbox Packaging's commitment to expanding its global footprint and enhancing its manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.
Colour deviations in 2023 PANTONE Colour Guides
Pantone has added 224 mixed colours and five base ink colours to the Pantone Matching System, but issues have been raised about apparent inconsistencies between the previous printed guides and the percentages specified in some of the new colour formulations.
Study exposes high cost of pharmacies printing medical information leaflets
MLPS is releasing a study shedding light on the potential economic costs associated with the proposed use of Print on Demand (PoD) leaflets in the pharmaceutical legislation revision.
Fastmarkets event in Istanbul set to host international forest products community
Global experts and key industry players will soon meet at the Fastmarkets Forest Products Europe Conference 2024 in Istanbul. Influential figures and industry giants in pulp, paper and packaging will experience 2.5 days of insight and networking opportunities.
MLPS - Pharmind Magazine Advertisement
On 31 January 2024 an advertisement on MLPS will be place in the Pharmind Magazine.
Joint Statement on Green Claims
ECMA and 11 other organisations have today released a joint statement outlining our broad support of the Green Claims Directive.