10 July 2019

Well attended ECMA Business Seminar around sustainability of cartons

More than 45 people from ECMA Members all over Europe joined the presentations on 18th June in Brussels around sustainability and recyclability of cartons and interacted with the presenters.

ECMA Marketing and Communication Committee Chairman Andreas Helbig gave an introduction on the steps and issues that the carton industry is working on. Following this CITPA director Krassimira Kazashka, CEPI Raw Materials Director Ulrich Leberle, Dr. Ernst Krottendorfer of FH Campus Vienna and Xavier Noyon, PEFC Head of EU took the stage to explain what is happening further on in the supply chain. Also the recently adopted EU legislation around Single Use Plastics (SUP) was touched.

ECMA’s message to the public is clear: cartons are fully recyclable. When there are enhanced features attached to the cartons, based on functionality and customer requirements, for example when it comes to functional barriers, sustainability and contribution of the carton to the circular economy are still standing out. Looking ahead the Seminar touched the subject what might be affecting the business now and in the future, both on EU and national level. An important issue is the end of life of products. Cartons – and also coated cartons – are valuable resources. To ensure the strong role of cartons in the circular economy the system of collection and recycling of cartons needs to be improved where ever possible. The carton industry is ready to stay in the lead around sustainability.

Please click here to download the statement of ECMA on the Recyclability of Folding Cartons.