9 April 2020

Teaching TICCIT at Home

TICCIT at Home is aimed primarily at children aged between 7 and 11.  It teaches them about trees, recycling and paper and then shows them how to plant a tree sapling (or a cutting or seeds) inside a recycled carton and then out into the ground.

When you teach TICCIT at Home, you learn alongside your child, aided by a set of FREE online support materials.  When you are done the teaching part you get to roll up your sleeves, get creative, get outside and get planting!

The TICCIT at Home support materials available to download or print here are:

If you have questions or need guidance, we have a dedicated email support line for you to contact: ticcit@procarton.com

Source: https://www.procarton.com/sustainability/ticcit/ticcit-at-home/

Published on 9 April 2020