18 January 2022

Position Paper Fibre Packaging Europe


Fibre Packaging Europe – an informal coalition (now of 7 fibre packaging associations) jointly funded with a core focus to defend, advocate, and raise awareness of the positive impacts of fibre-based packaging whilst challenging restrictive legislation. 

The coalition represents around 1500 companies, over 2200 manufacturing plants, employing more than 365.000 people across Europe with an annual turnover of around EUR 120 billion.

Fibre Packaging Europe's advocacy is 100% focussed on legislators, policymakers and influencers in the European Commission, Council of Ministers and European Parliament and because of the size of the sector that they represent, Commissioner and Cabinet level members of the European Commission are accepting invitations to meet – so far they have met members of the Cabinet in the Commission department 'A Europe Fit for the Digital Age and Competition' and have meetings scheduled with the cabinet of EVP Timmermans who is responsible for the 'European Green Deal'.

Position Papers have been written in the following policy areas (in order of when the draft policy is due to be published) and using these to schedule outreach meetings:

  1. Sustainable Products Initiative (draft legislation due to release in March)
  2. Substantiating Green Claims (draft legislation due to release in March)
  3. Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive(draft legislation due to release in July) – Recycling targets & recycled content
  4. Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive (draft legislation due to release in July) - Single use versus reusable packaging

By clicking on the titles above you can download the Position Papers on the Sustainable Products Initiative and Substantiating Green Claims and when completed those concerning the Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive will be published.

Meetings will also be arranged for Fibre Packaging Europe member company CEOs to meet with Commissioners as well as holding a 'Paper Packaging Day' in the European Commission in Brussels in June 2022 – this will be used to reinforce policy asks and remind legislators of the sustainability benefits of fibre packaging.

Please let ECMA know if you have questions about this activity – Mike Turner is very happy to schedule a meeting with you and your colleagues to talk about Fibre Packaging Europe and ECMA's ongoing advocacy activity.