22 November 2022

Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation - update

The Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation is scheduled to be released by the European Commission in week 48… although it will likely be delayed by a few days.

Fibre Packaging Europe, in which ECMA is a member, has been fully focussed on influencing the final direction of this regulation, which in its recently leaked form, represents an existential threat to some parts of our sector.

ECMA members have received an updated Position Paper that was sent on 21 November to the full cabinets of all Directorate-Generals that are affected by the regulation as well as DG-Environment.

To coincide, the following article from Fibre Packaging Europe was published (also on 21 November) in The European Files which is read widely within the Brussels institutions: https://www.europeanfiles.eu/environment/basing-the-european-green-deals-aspirations-for-packaging-and-circularity-on-evidence-and-facts.

When the Regulation is published, ECMA Members will receive an update and summary.

In case of any questions about this Regulation or the published article, please contact ECMA Managing Director, Mike Turner.