21 February 2022

New FFI flash survey: Customers should plan folding carton requirements more realistically in future

In its new FFI flash survey, almost 90% of the 40 participating folding carton manufacturers stated that communication in the supply chain had improved significantly compared to pre-Corona times, but this does not apply equally to all customers. "A fundamental change of mindset is required, especially among brand owners and customers from retail," as Andreas Helbig, FFI board spokesman, notes. "Folding boxes are becoming more and more popular. Just as at the moment, we suspect that demand for recyclable and sustainable folding cartons will also increase in post-Corona times," Helbig adds.

At the same time, the current Corona-induced demand peaks meet a supply side that is running under full load and declining in its capacities. "What we need, therefore, is planning security and predictability," Helbig appeals to the customers of the folding carton industry. He says it is not appropriate, when customers pre-order fictitious demands out of uncertainty about the supply of folding cartons, e.g. in the form of flat annual volumes of packaging.

"In contrast, we now need much more open communication between suppliers, converters and customers to bring the demand for folding cartons and the supply of cartonboard back into better balance and to prove the fundamental stability and resilience of the supply chain for folding cartons," Helbig demands and concludes: "It is therefore the special responsibility of customers to realistically plan their actual demand for packaging in order to ease the situation and to exchange views on this with their suppliers on the basis of trust and transparency. We as the folding carton industry are making the greatest efforts ourselves to contribute to ease the situation."

Read the whole survey here.