23 September 2019

K+D wins European Carton Excellence Award

On the occasion of the third final nomination after 2015 and 2017, K+D won the European Carton Excellence Award in the category 'General Packaging'. On the occasion of this year's ECMA (European Carton Makers Association) Congress in Malta, the most recognized European carton packaging award was presented.

The jury praised the packaging, which looks like a tooth from above, as follows:

This is a fascinating hexagonal pack for dental products that holds each of the different elements for dental treatment securely internally, while the individual panels of the carton lock into each other to form a strong, distinctive and robust pack.

The contents of the package are applicators for the regenerative treatment of initial tooth defects. The packaging is designed that the instruments are innovatively packaged and easy to remove. The hexagonal construction gives this package a striking shape and reminds one of a tooth when viewed from above. The cardboard sleeves have been chosen for ease of handling and are printed on the inside, eliminating the need for additional leaflets.

K+D and its customer Credentis are delighted to receive the most coveted European packaging award for solid board products. This is also recognition of persistent development according to customer specifications and of course according to packaging functionalities such as convenience, sustainability, marketing, information and protection. Receiving the award spurs us on to new levels of excellence.

For further information please contact:

Stefan Kuhn
Executive Chairman K+D Group
Schuppistrasse 8 
CH-9016 St. Gallen

stefan.kuhn@kud.ch / Phone +41 71 282 87 87 / www.kud.ch / www.kudimmo.ch

About K+D AG
With pharmaceutical expertise and state-of-the-art digital technologies, the St. Gallen based company  K+D GMP develops and produces GMP-compliant, refined and counterfeitproof sales packaging made of cardboard for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. K_D AG was founded in 1883, has been owned and managed by the Kuhn family since 1934 and emplys over 80 people at its St. Gallen and Bern sites. K+D is ISO 15378 (GMP, packaging for pharmaceuticals), ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) certified. 

About the K+D Group
The K+D Group, which is owned by the Stefan Kuhn family, consists of K+D AG (Swiss market leader in pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging), K+D Immo AG (commercial real estate) and K+D Valueinvest AG, which actively and passively manages investments.

Source: https://www.kud.ch/en/newsdetail/kd-wins-european-carton-excellence-award-2019.html