14 September 2020

FFI welcomes Pyroll as new associate member

Pyroll Germany GmbH, based in Baienfurt, is one of the leading processors of paper, cardboard and paperboard in Europe. Founded in 1871 as Papierfabrik Baienfurt, the company has been part of the Finnish family-owned Pyroll Group with around 600 employees worldwide since 2018. In its modern service center, with an annual cutting capacity of 100,000 tons, 60 employees work in three shifts.

Its fully automated reel warehouse has a capacity of more than 9,500 tons, five folio-size sheeters, two sheeters, two packing lines plus a finished goods warehouse with a volume of 6,000 tons. This ensures that Pyroll Germany achieves the highest cutting rate of all Pyroll Converting Service Centers.

"FFI membership was the next logical step for us" says Oliver Spraul, General Manager of Pyroll Germany GmbH, as he explains the reason for joining the association. "Above all, expanding our network was a focus for us, but also being able to acquire know-how and industry knowledge through the manifold seminar offered by FFI played an important role".

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Published on 14 September 2020