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Carton production has grown by more than 9 percent since 2015
The sector adjusts to new consumer trends, which place great importance on personalization and sustainability.
Duran Doğan Packaging received Silver Award for Environmental & Social Innovation category of EBRD’s 2020 Sustainability Awards
Duran Dogan Packaging, a Turkish manufacturer of premium packaging, wins the Silver Award in EBRD Sustainability Awards 2020’s Environmental & Social Innovation category for its innovative system "Gloss & Green" which produces fully recyclable cartonboard (and plastic products) that minimise waste and contribute to the circular economy.
Paper-based packaging championed by consumers for its environmental attributes
Results of a new European survey reveal that paper-based packaging is favoured for being better for the environment, as consumers become increasingly conscious of their packaging choices.
Valco Melton’s Sealtak® for e-Commerce Packaging - Introducing the smart alternative to double-sided tapes
The irruption of the COVID-19 across the world has altered purchasing habits and amplified an already growing trend: e-commerce. In line with the mobility restrictions that our societies are enduring, online commerce remains as a solid ally for companies nowadays.
ECMA call to end tender moratorium
On the 20 March, ECMA issued a Press Release requesting the suspension of all tender activity whilst our industry focussed on business continuity, during the unprecedented challenges presented by the Covid-19 crisis;
Duran Dogan Packaging produced and donated 120.000 cartonboard face shields
European Carton Excellence Award: new entry date and digital entry
The carton and cartonboard industry continues to admirably meet the challenges thrown up by COVID-19 and thanks to everyone in these trying times. The industry has demonstrated its strength, resilience, innovation and determination to rise above adversity.
ECMA and a broad alliance of the paper & board value chain submit cross industry paper on cellulose definition under the Single Use Plastics Directive
On the 17th April, an update was sent to ECMA Members regarding the recent European Commission workshop concerning the Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD). The focus of this workshop was to issue guidance on how they will identify and describe the products that will fall into the scope of the SUPD.