Industry Topics

As part of the broader packaging chain, the folding carton industry has aligned itself with partner organisations such as Pro Carton, CEPI Cartonboard and CITPA for PR, external communications and lobbying – but there is additionally an increasing need for ECMA to raise the visibility of the European carton industry itself as a professional, reliable and competent player in the value chain. 

Carton packaging has exemplary credentials in terms of sustainability: the industry pioneered the recycling revolution, and is aligned to current climate change policies. 

Carton is also one of the best examples of a sustainable economic model: using primarily renewable resources, it is made of sustainably managed virgin and recycled fibres, and the used raw materials are widely recovered and reused, thus leading to limited waste.

If there were no packaging, food and other goods would be lost due to handling damage, lack of hygiene and insufficient information on product use. Using folding cartons to package goods has many environmental advantages. 

Product Safety
Consumer health and safety is a top priority for our industry. The materials used in the production of packaging solutions, as well as the rigorous work practices and procedures that are followed, safeguard this.

Increasing the competitiveness of our industry
ECMA is the voice of our industry and represents the interests of our industry at European level. Part of our mission is to encourage the European folding carton industry to raise the bar and improve its overall (financial and operational) performance on an international scale. A healthy business environment and fair conditions and reasonable payment terms are essential and should be observed between all supply chain partners.