European Carton Excellence Award 2022

The European Carton Excellence Award is the perfect showcase for the circular economy. Cartonboard packaging is not only renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, it is also one of the best in communicating and sharing brand values. The ECEA award is Europe’s most prestigious award for cartonboard packaging.

Entries are now closed. 

Thanks to all entrants for submitting their most promising cartons to the 2022 European Carton Excellence Award.

Every year, the European Carton Excellence Award honours and promotes the wide range of capabilities and innovative solutions produced by the carton industry.

The categories for which all supply chain partners are invited to compete are:

Food & Drink Packaging, Recycled Fibre
Food & Drink Packaging, Virgin Fibre
The Food & Drink category includes all beverage and alcoholic drinks packaging.

General Packaging, Recycled Fibre
General Packaging, Virgin Fibre
The General Packaging category encompasses everything which is not Food or Drink.

In addition, there will be two special awards:
Sustainability Award: the carton that has best replaced or best reduced a less sustainable material
Innovation Award: the most innovative carton or material

Furthermore, the jury will award:
Platinum and Gold Awards

In addition to the above awards, the judges will also select a number of other entries w they believe deserve recognition as either Platinum or Gold Award winners.

Public Award
The public's favourite will also be honoured with the Public Award. Voting will start in July.

And finally, among all entries, the jury will decide on the top award:

The Carton of the Year!

Simply the best! The most convincing solution.

The cartonboard producer and carton manufacturer who win the "Carton of the Year" trophy will also receive

The Carton Excellence Cup
In fact, there will be two cups – one for the cartonboard manufacturer and another for the carton converter. The cup will be engraved with the winners' names and will be kept for one year, before being passed on to the victors in the following year. Last year's winners were Durero Packaging and Holmen Iggesund. Let's see who will make it this year!


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