ECMA Association Development Committee

From a ‘highlevel’ information platform for the professionals involved in the national associations, dealing mainly with issues of common interest in the Public Affairs domain, it has been turned into a ‘working committee’ directly represented at Executive Committee level.

The ECMA Association Development Committee’s representative there is Christian Schiffers (FFI, D). Martin Widermann of the Austrian carton association PPV was elected to chair the Association Development Committee meetings, supported by ECMA Managing Director Mike Turner.

Purpose of the ADC is to 
provide a collaborative platform between ECMA and the national carton associations, but also bilaterally or ultilaterally between individual national associations. As such it performs a ‘multiplier’ role: by sharing know-how, expertise and (human) resources across borders, double work can be avoided and scarce combined resources can be used more effectively for the common benefit of the entire European folding carton industry.