Member Benefits

Especially for the internationally oriented companies and organisations, ECMA membership is a must have. It is essential to both converters and suppliers. ECMA facilitates all kinds of different member programmes, and stimulates a collaborative dialogue between supply chain partners. The value proposition of ECMA for the different stakeholders of ECMA can be differentiated as follows:

Five major benefits for converters to join ECMA

  1. ECMA is the leading platform for carton makers
  2. ECMA GMP and the ability to participate in the ECMA GMP Compliance programme and carry the ECMA Food Seal
  3. Lobby activities, active representation at EU-level
  4. Direct access to knowledge and latest industry news
  5. Peer-to-peer networking by participation in committees and forums

Five major benefits for national associations to be part of ECMA

  1. ECMA is the leading pan-European platform for carton makers
  2. Co-development of ECMA GMP and Food Seal 
  3. Pro Active European Lobby Network to respond in crisis situations
  4. Permanent representation at EU-level
  5. Access to knowledge and latest industry news for your national converter members

Five major benefits for suppliers to join ECMA

  1. ECMA is the leading platform for the carton industry
  2. Business-to-Business Networking Opportunities
  3. Opportunities for speaking at or sponsoring ECMA events
  4. Engagement in ECMA Committees and Projects where relevant
  5. Media attention at the ECMA website and special e-newsletters for your company’s and our other supplier members latest news and activities

Download the brochure with Membership Information here.